The food you want
from your favorite restaurants


The food you want from your favorite restaurants

No Minimums? No problem!

Can't quite meet the order minimum? No problem. With our new 'waive order minimum' feature you can order as much or as little food as you want. Just pay a higher delivery fee.

No Minimums? No problem!

Be in the know!

Our advanced tracking system now allows you to see exactly where your food is on a map!

And you'll get a text when our driver is nearby.

Be in the know!

No mark-ups on food!

Save on gas, save on parking,
save the hassle. Order online with Bite Squad and pay exactly what you'd pay at the restaurant.

No mark-ups ever. Period.

No mark-ups on food!

3 Simple Steps To Food Paradise

1. Enter Your Address

Using our handy, dandy search feature, you get to discover great restaurants near your location. Once you type something in, we search through our network of delicious eateries and show you a lovely list of restaurants that deliver to your address, be it at home, at school, or in the office.

2. Pick a Restaurant

Browse through restaurant menus filled with tantalizing photos of each item, courtesy of our awesome Bite Squad photo dude. You can also sort your search results by how close a restaurant is to your location, its rating, customer reviews, and of course by the kind of food you want — Thai, Sushi, Mexican, Pizza, Indian, and more! You'll also see relevant coupons and discounts by your search results.

3. Order Your Food Online!

OK, you've figured out where you're going to order from. Now just choose the dishes you want and place your order right then and there! it's easy and definitely the shortest distance between 2 divine points: yummy food and your stomach. No phone calls, no waiting on hold, just fast, simple ordering online. Welcome to food paradise!