Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bite Squad?

It's not always possible to make it to the table of your favorite local restaurant. We understand. That is why we created Bite Squad, a food delivery service that brings your most cherished dishes directly to your home or office. Place your order online and your food will be at your location before you know it.

How Do I Use Bite Squad?

If you have an internet connection, you can use Bite Squad. Simply log on, enter your delivery address and see the list of restaurants that are within the delivery range. The farther the restaurant from your address, the higher the service fee. Choose your food and drink items and we will work directly with the restaurant to get the food to your doorstep in minutes.

Does it Cost Anything to Use Bite Squad?

There is no fee to join Bite Squad – you only pay for what you order from our restaurant partners plus taxes and fees.

Can I Schedule a Delivery for Later Today?

No problem. If you want your food delivered to your door the minute you get home from work, the gym or the bar, simply choose your specific delivery time after selecting your menu items.

What If I Need to Change My Order After I Place It?

It is difficult to interrupt the chef when he is in the middle of preparing his culinary masterpiece, however please Live Chat us right away and we will do whatever we can to accommodate.

How Can I Check My Order Status?

After you've selected your delectable dishes, you will be taken to a page where you can view the status of your order as it works its way through our intricately streamlined process. You can also click on “Order Status” on the Bite Squad homepage or click on the link provided in the confirmation email.

What If Something Went Wrong With My Order?

The fast-paced world of food preparation means that accidents do happen. If you've received the wrong item or your order was incorrect in any way, please contact us immediately with detailed information about the problem so we can quickly find a solution. Email: or Live Chat.

Why Is The Full Menu Not Listed For Some Restaurants?

We have carefully collaborated with each of our partner restaurants to bring you the best and brightest of their menu, while also carefully considering prep and cook time to ensure a timely delivery. Also, some items simply don’t travel well – such as ice cream.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

After adding the items to your cart you can checkout with the standard array of credit or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Sorry, we do not accept cash.

Can I Buy More Than One Item At A Time?

You can most definitely purchase more than one item from a restaurant, but due to the logistics of delivery you cannot place items from various restaurants on one order. If you wish to place orders from multiple restaurants, please create separate orders.

Is My Card Info Safe?

Security is of course one of our top priorities. Your payment info and data are encrypted via TLS when you transmit your billing information to us.

How Can I Change The Delivery Address I Entered?

If you need to change the delivery address for your current order, please Live Chat us right away.

Do You Sell Gift Cards?

Of course! Please click on “Gift Cards” (upper right corner of web page) to purchase in the denomination of your choice to hand out to friends and family – or hoard all to yourself.

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