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Fox 16 Little Rock
June 23, 2017
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - There's a new food delivery team in town... Now people can get food to their door even faster after two companies have teamed up. Earlier this month, Bite Squad bought Chef Shuttle, which had been the main food delviery service in Little Rock. With the new company, customers can track their delivery on an app in real time. The company says all drivers wear uniforms and are paid employees.
Seattle Refined
April 15, 2014
We all know Seattle's restaurant scene offers just about any cuisine one could hope for. Now your every culinary craving can be delivered right to your doorstep with the help of the new delivery service BiteSquad. Spicy Tuna Roll? Check. Brisket? Check. Schnitzel? Check. Yebeg Tibs? (Look it up!) Check.
April 10, 2014
Bite Squad, the food delivery company launched in Minneapolis to bring people dishes from the menus of their neighborhood restaurants, has grown, moved into Seattle and has a little sibling on the way: Gift Squad, a same-day gift delivery service.
Seattle Dining
April 03, 2014
Food delivery can be both wonderful and disappointing. It's great to get your favorite restaurant dish delivered practically to your couch. But you're never quite sure when it will arrive, who will be delivering it, or if it will be hot or cold. These troubles are over because Bite Squad has hit town.
January 05, 2014
To distinguish itself from other delivery services, Bite Squad also offers branded Priuses, uniformed delivery drivers, and Styrofoam-free containers. Its customers can now track the driver on a map from the restaurant to their home, along with a picture of the driver's face and the number of minutes to delivery.
July 26, 2013
A new local food delivery service can barely keep up with hungry demand. Less than a year ago, Bite Squad launched on the Minneapolis food scene.
Used to be, if you wanted food delivered to you at home or your office, your only decision was which pizza joint to call. Minneapolis had a dearth in food delivery options, and frankly, that's quite sad.

Well, wipe the tears away because there is a food delivery revolution taking place in our fine city, and it comes to you via eco-friendly Prius cars, conscientious delivery guys and gals, and a company obsessed with delivering impeccable customer service along with the delicious restaurant food they bring to your door.
One of my favorite parts of moving every year is gaining a fresh batch of food-delivery options. A girl can only eat so much food from the same handful of decent restaurants that will deliver to any given location.

Alas, my latest move won't provide any such joys of culinary discovery. My new apartment is five floors above my old one.
Minnesota Monthly
April 15, 2013
It's been a good year so far for pizza in the Twin Cities. Last month, Rachel Hutton detailed all the greatness and options in "The Twin Cities' Best Pizza." This month, Travel & Leisure included us (No. 6!) in "America's Best Cities for Pizza."
MPR News
March 13, 2013
Tom Crann: Let's talk about BiteSquad.

James Norton: BiteSquad is a local delivery service that launched last August and is really changing the map in terms of how people get food delivered from restaurants to their homes in Minneapolis, and they've newly expanded to cover St. Paul.
August 23, 2012
Essentially, the just-launching service is going to create in MSP the same lethargic eating habits enjoyed by some of the country's bigger cities, delivering you food from non-delivery restaurants all over town via a fleet of green and white, environmentally friendly vehicles.
City Pages
August 15, 2012
If you're living in downtown Minneapolis or anywhere in the Uptown area, you already have quite a variety of dining options right outside your door. But what if you don't want to leave the house?